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Use of Service

A Customer may use the services available on Vanilla Rose Maternity based on these terms and conditions. Customers must also agree to any additional conditions or instructions required to use the Services. Customers may be required to register as Members to be able to use some Services provided by Vanilla Rose Maternity. All Members acknowledge and agree that from time to time Vanilla Rose Maternity may add important features and affiliate programmes and all Members will be subject to their terms and conditions in order to be able to participate in such features or programmes.


  • Customers may be contacted by Merchants regarding Merchant services, a transaction with the Merchant, goods and services, Web site content and descriptions, privacy policies, and other matters with respect to the Merchant. Vanilla Rose Maternity makes no warranties regarding the authenticity, accuracy, novelty, use, reliability, legality or non-violation of the rights of third parties in connection with Merchants or their websites.
  • Vanilla Rose Maternity will not be liable for damage caused by interruptions to the system, delay, suspension, or loss of data due to connection or computer failure, unauthorized access to data, or other damages suffered by Customers in connection with use of services provided by Vanilla Rose Maternity.
  • Vanilla Rose Maternity does not warrant that the contents of electronic mail from the Site, the Vanilla Rose Maternity server, or domain groups are free of computer viruses or damaging elements.
  • Vanilla Rose Maternity will not be responsible for any information or any suggestions that may be given to Customers by Vanilla Rose Maternity or Merchants.
  • Vanilla Rose Maternity will not be liable for losses caused by violation of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer.


When using services, Customer agrees not to: 

  • violate the laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to these Terms & Conditions;
  • act in a way that is detrimental to the rights, interests or reputation of Vanilla Rose Maternity, Merchant, or relevant third parties;
  • engage in activities that can lead to mental or physical disorders in children, or violate public order and morals;
  • engage in activities that may cause interference or hurt the feelings of other users or third parties;
  • provide false information;
  • send viruses, malware, or any other type of electronic damage through computer programmes or email messages;
  • access the Vanilla Rose Maternity server in a non-authorized way; or
  • lend or give the user ID and password to a third party or use it together with a third party.

Vanilla Rose Maternity reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service to any Customer who breaches or is reasonably suspected to be in breach of the above prohibitions.


  • To use the services, the Customer must acknowledge the previous paragraph and should enable Cookies. If the Customer’s browser rejects cookies, the Customer concerned might not have an optimal experience using the Vanilla Rose Maternity services

Suspension or Termination of Services

Vanilla Rose Maternity may suspend or terminate the provision of services, in whole or in part, or take the necessary measures without prior notification the Customer in order to maintain the quality of services with regards to the following: Performing routine system maintenance or emergency system maintenance; in case of an overload; When Vanilla Rose Maternity detects a likely risk of interruption of services; to ensure the safety of Customers; or when deemed necessary. Vanilla Rose Maternity will not be responsible for any losses or Customer’s termination of the services due to suspension.

Amendment or Removal of Services

Vanilla Rose Maternity reserves the right to modify or remove services, in whole or in part, solely at its discretion.

Changes of these Terms and Conditions

Vanilla Rose Maternity may revise any or all of these rules at any time. When a revision or addition is made to these Terms and Conditions, such revisions or additions will become effective once they are displayed on the Site. Customer agrees to comply with all revised and additional regulations.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction Courts

These rules are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Singapore. All Customers acknowledge and agree that all disputes arising from or in connection with the Services will be exclusively resolved through the Courts of Singapore.

As of March11, 2014

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